Privacy Policy

The protection of your data is important to us. This Privacy Policy states how Ravensburger Digital uses, collects and stores your data for games for mobile devices.

1.     Data collection

When you play RDI Services on your mobile phone or another mobile device including iPads and tablets, we record the ID of your mobile device and the IP address. In certain games, we shall issue an ID similar to an account number and attribute it to your device. We can record the name that you have attributed to your device, the type of device, your telephone number and your country as well as all other details of your choice, such as username, gamer name, location or e-mail address. We can also have access to your data in order to enable you to invite friends to use the service.

When you use or connect to a Ravensburger Digital website or download a Ravensburger Digital mobile app by or through a Third Party Platform, such as Facebook or other social networking site, you allow us to access and/or collect certain information from your Third Party Platform profile/account (such as your Facebook account) or via any cookies placed on your device by such Third Party Platform as permitted by the terms of the agreement and your privacy settings with the Third Party Platform. We will share such information with the Third Party Platform for their use as permitted by the terms of the agreement and your privacy setting with the Third Party Platform.

Payment information

If you acquire a licence to use virtual game currency or virtual goods directly from RDI, we record the invoice and financial details necessary for handling your bookings, which may include your postal and e-mail address. RDI can also receive invoice and payment information that you state if your purchase is handled by another party, such as Facebook (for Facebook "credits") or Apple (for purchases via iOS devices). Please note that purchases of credits from third parties or currencies such as Facebook "credits" can be subject to additional rules.

Push messages and local messages

We record and store the data you provide. With your consent, we can send push messages to your mobile device in order to deliver game updates and other important notifications. You can administer push messages using the "Options" or "Settings" page within the relevant game. You may possibly also be able to administer them from the settings of your mobile device for the game in question.

We can send local messages to your mobile device in order to supply game updates and other important communications. You can administer local messages via the "Options" or "Settings" page within the game in question.


Technical and usage information

If you play our games, we collect (1.) specific technical details about your mobile device including the ID of your mobile device and (2.) usage statistics concerning your interaction with the Services. This data is normally collected using software development packages for mobile devices and tracking technologies such as browser cookies for recording and analysing specific technical information. Some of the cookies deposited by our Services on your computer are linked to your user ID number(s). For further information about our use of cookies and other tracking technologies, please read the section on "Automated data recording".


2.     Use and communication of data

The personal data we record is only processed for correspondence with you and for the purpose for which you have provided us with the data.

We guarantee that we will otherwise not communicate your personal data to third parties unless we are legally obliged to do so (e.g. by judicial decision, official order) or if you first give us your consent. If we make use of service providers to carry out and handle processes, the contractual relationships shall be regulated according to the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act.

On the basis of your information, we shall be permitted to display targeted advertising in our games. This can for instance include advertising intended for your age group, for your place of residence or the type of games you play. However, we do not make available your personal details to the advertiser when you see such targeted advertising.

We shall be permitted to use aggregated information (data about you and other users together that cannot be attributed to you specifically), anonymous data and specific technical data (including the IDs of mobile devices) for the purpose of tracking the usage of the games in order to improve our offers and for research and analysis purposes. We shall be permitted to communicate this information in aggregated form to third parties. The aggregated information, however, does not contain any details that permit conclusions as to your identity.



Where appropriate, we may use information for the following activities:

·         to register your game account and to enable you to participate in games

·         to identify and propose links to other RDI users

·         to permit exchange between users

·         to provide technical customer service and react to enquiries from users

·         to prevent abuse or suspected illegal activities

·         to use and place targeted advertising

·         to inform users about game updates

·         to provide results lists and reward particular achievements

·         to obtain feedback and proposals as to how RDI products and services can be improved and to personalise your user experience

·         to inform users about new products or advertising offers

·         to carry out generally recognised practices such as making contact with you via the e-mail address stored by us if you are a possible winner of a prize game.


3.     Consent and revocation

You may "opt out" of the collection of your information for third party analytics purposes by following the directions provided by our third party analytics vendor located at If you “opt out” with our third party analytics provider, that action is specific to the information we collect specifically for that provider, and does not limit our ability to collect information from you, under the terms of this privacy policy, for other vendors.

You can revoke your consent to the storage of data at any time. However, in such event we will be prevented from making available the service to you and would have to terminate it. If you have made available to us personal details, you can have these deleted at any time. Data for statement of account and bookkeeping purposes are excluded from deletion/revocation.

You can communicate your request for deletion and revocation using the contact form at


4.     Period of storage

Personal details communicated to us via our online games will only be stored until the purpose for which they have been entrusted to us has been fulfilled. If commercial and fiscal law storage periods have to be complied with, the period of storage of particular data can amount to 10 years.

5.     Automated data recording

When you access the service, we record specific technical information (1.) to analyse the use of our games; (2.) for a more individualised game experience; and (3.) to administer advertising. We and the service providers acting for us such as Google Analytics use protocol files and tracking technologies to record and analyse specific technical information such as device type, device ID, type of platform, game status and date and time of the activity with our games, and additional data of a comparable kind. In a number of cases, we link this information with your user ID number for internal use.

Other technologies may also be used, such as tracking pixel, which allow us to advertise more efficiently by excluding our current users from specific advertising messages, or allow us to recognise the source of a new installation or make available advertisements to you on other webpages.

Other sources

We can record or obtain data from other sources such as (1.) other RDI users who would like to upload their e-mail contacts, and (2.) other data providers. This data will be used to supplement your profile, mainly in order to help you and your friends in making contact. They will be combined with other data recorded by us.

6.     Your rights, information

If you no longer consent to the storage of your personal details or if these have become incorrect, we shall upon corresponding notification arrange for the cancellation or blocking of your data or make the necessary corrections (to the extent that such is possible according to applicable law). Upon request, you may receive free of charge information about all personal details that we have stored about you.

If you install our applications on your mobile telephone, you will be asked whether you wish to receive advertising messages. You can switch off push messages using the "Options" or "Settings" page in the game in question. It may also happen that you receive local messages. You can switch off local messages using the "Options" or "Settings" page in the game in question.

You can switch off the further use of site data (for instance by means of check-ins) using the settings of your device for the program in question or the "Settings" page of the game in question. You can also switch off check-ins.

After you have cancelled advertising messages or other types of messages, it may nevertheless occasionally occur that we contact you by e-mail or in another manner if we have to send information to you or if we must ask you to provide information in connection with a transaction initiated by you or for other legitimate reasons that do not serve advertising purposes. If you have any questions about the recording, processing or use of your personal details, or if you wish information about, to make a correction to, to set up a block on or to cancel data, please contact by email.



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